What is Vively?

Vively means "from a clear point of view"

We leverage the latest in science, technology and natural health expertise to create personalised holistic healthcare plans

We learn about your health problems and goals, connect you with a holistic health doctor, and personalise an action plan for your to take control of your health and tackle your health concerns, holistically

All healthcare plans include recommendations for dietary therapy, supplement prescription, lifestyle and stress management advice, exercise and referrals to other qualified practitioners and tests

Your holistic healthcare plan is not designed to replace or be an alternative to any health advice you receive from a GP or MD. It is designed to complement them and empower you to make more informed decisions about your health.

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Get a clear point of view and take control of your health now.


Why Vively?

Almost 50% of Australians have a health condition that could have been prevented.

The problem is - everyone is biologically different. We now know that everyone requires their own unique approach to preventing health conditions and achieving health goals.

Our holistic healthcare team helps you understand the nutritional, lifestyle and therapeutic changes you need to make sure you're equipped to solve your health problems, naturally.

With Vively, you can:

  • Truly understand your current state of health and the interplay between your mind and body
  • Take control and achieve your health goals with a clear digital action plan & access to the top holistic health team in Australia
  • Stop wasting time and money on ineffective and unsuitable health & wellness products