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Why Should You Consult a Naturopath?

Do you suffer from an enduring health condition, such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, inflammation or body pains? Or do you simply want to optimise your health to be the best you can possibly be?

If this is the case, then you might benefit from consulting a naturopath.

A naturopath seeks to understand you as a whole, and to empower you through education and natural remedies. Naturopaths aim to treat the root cause of a disease or condition and not just stopping the symptoms.

At Vively, our naturopaths also motivate you to take full responsibility of your health and to assume a healthy diet and pattern of behaviours.

Naturopaths use several approaches in treating their patients, including the following:
  • * Dietary and lifestyle changes
  • * Stress reduction
  • * Herbs and other dietary supplements
  • * Manipulative therapies
  • * Exercise therapy
  • * Practitioner-guided detoxification
  • * Psychotherapy and counselling
  • * Iridology
  • * Acupuncture
  • * Kinesiology
  • * Hydrotherapy
  • * Aromatherapy

Why Vively?

We believe that healthcare should be personalised & holistic.

Vively is re-imagining healthcare by using technology to make it easy and affordable to get research-backed therapies and medicines that focus on helping the whole you.

Our holistic healthcare team work together to provide personalised therapies and medicines that recognise the fact that we're multi-dimensional beings.

If you’d like some help to decide which service to choose, or have some questions, feel free to contact our friendly team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vively be my primary care doctor or GP?

Vively’s world-class health professionals are trained in specialties like natural medicines and therapies, however we recommend our members maintain a primary care doctor or GP for things like general health check ups, vaccinations and strep or flu testing, which we do not perform here at Vively.

We recommend female patients also maintain an OBGYN for regular pap smears. Your Vively team will remind you of important age-related screenings you should get like colonoscopies or mammograms. We are not available for urgent appointments.

If you have a medical emergency, we recommend that you visit urgent care or an ER.

What is a nauropath?

A naturopath is a health practitioner that practices naturopathy, and focuses on the use of natural medicines and therapies to help the body heal itself.

What should I look for in a naturopath?

At Vively, all of our naturopaths have completed education and training in Naturopathy, have at least 8 years of experience working with patients and have undergone Vively’s screening process. It’s important to choose a naturopath that has experience working with patients over a long period of time.

What are the types of conditions that a naturopath can treat?

A healthy diet, a balanced lifestyle, and effective stress management techniques are the essential underpinnings of naturopathic care. These, combined with different natural therapies, will accelerate the body's healing capacity and help with a number of different issues, including:

* Allergies
* Headaches
* Fertility problems
* Digestive problems
* Obesity
* Type 2 diabetes
* Hormonal imbalance
* Chronic pain
* Chronic fatigue syndrome
* Fibromyalgia
* Heart disease
* Asthma
* Depression
* Hypertension
* Skin conditions

Who shouldn’t consult a naturopath?

If you are experiencing any adverse health conditions, such as severe injury, shortness of breath, pains in the chest or any acute health conditions that require urgent or immediate attention, then a naturopath is not for you, and neither is Vively. Please consult your GP or visit your nearest medical centre if this is you.

What can I expect from a consultation with a naturopath?

A consultative session(s) designed to construct a comprehensive whole-of-body action plan to target and treat your most pressing health condition.

How should I prepare for my consult?

Prior to your consultation, you should complete the detailed health assessment sent to you via email. The naturopath will review your answers to the assessment prior to your consultation, and this will accelerate the naturopath’s ability to understand your case and design a treatment plan for you.

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