Why Vively is “Anti-Diet”
March 10, 2022

Why Vively is “Anti-Diet”

Hello there Vibe Tribe! My name is Caitlin and I'm the resident physio and content manager here at Vively.

Our team here at Vively was discussing today's perception of what it looks like to be healthy, and how this relates to today's approach to optimal health. We agreed along with our wonderful Medical Director Dr Michelle Woolhouse, that there has been a rather large shift in the mentality around what it looks like to be healthy. As such, I decided to write a light yet focused piece on why our company, Vively, is anti-diet.

Let’s kick off with Dr M’s thoughts on this rather controversial topic.

Caitlin: “Dr M what do you think in this day and age, our approach should be towards optimal health through the lens of lifestyle medicine?”

Dr M: “Health at any size-type mentality suits the overall Vively tone and style. There are a million diets out there, and people fail due to self esteem, hunger, motivation, trauma, lifestyle, social support, change in life circumstances etc.”

Dr M goes on to explain that, “You can still be healthy and carry extra weight, and you can be unhealthy and be of normal weight. It is all about not judging people and working holistically to target their goals long term.”

Okay, thanks Dr M but why would we take this approach over the many others that exist?

Dr M: “This approach helps us not to polarise people, or have them project onto us that Vively is another diet platform” explains the clinically validated lifestyle medicine expert.

Intrigued to know more, I shimmied my way over to pester our amazing Marketing Coordinator, Caity Simm, for her thoughts on this topic.

“Caity, what do you feel best embodies Vively’s health culture?”

Caity: “This topic is something I am incredibly passionate about… I’ve learnt the hard way that subscribing to societal beauty standards absolutely does not translate into good mental and physical health on the inside.”

“Vively is all about championing everything that makes up a person - the mind, body and spirit. Vively is anti-diet because we believe being healthy is more than appearance, but also the way you think and feel about yourself and the world around you. You are SO much more than what our eyes show us. We want you to learn to nurture your entire being and find health and happiness in every way possible, free of restriction and full of self-respect.”

A refreshingly reassuring insight from Caity, which validates yet again, the new-age method of painting an inclusive and holistic image of health.

And finally, Tim, our team leader and cheeky tim-tam supplier gives his unwavering vision for Vively.

Caity: “Mr Veron, may we have your comment on the big ‘why’ behind Vively’s approach to chronic disease management?” I squeezed my enquiry through an overwhelming sea of press reporters (namely one office dog named Sasha, and me, a total of 2)

Tim looked deeply into the distance, like Will Ferrel in that meme, then with a violent shudder he came to and with a profound look, imparted his wisdom: “It just makes sense”.

Well, you heard it here first Vibe Tribe, asynergetic team delivering the ‘why’ behind Vively’s anti-diet approach toholistic lifestyle medicine.

Caitlin Simm


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