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In 2020, as the global pandemic unfolded, Tim Veron and Michael Pang took a leap of faith and acquired the leading wellness marketplace in Australia - Natural Therapy Pages. It was during this period that they met the extremely talented Dr Michelle Woolhouse.

Tim Veron

Tim Veron

Co-founder & CEO
  • HEGP, vascular diseases
  • Ultrasound specialist
  • President of NGO Nhance
Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Founding Medical Director
  • PM Lead @Facebook (Wit.ai & M)
  • Cofounder @Wit.ai (Facebook), VirtuOz (Nuance)
  • Centrale Lille
Michael Pang

Michael Pang

Co-founder & COO
  • Software Engineer Lead @Microsoft
  • Director of Engineering @VirtuOz(Nuance)
  • Telecom Paris

When observing the hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors on NTP, they noticed something interesting; consumers were increasingly demanding control and ownership over their own health and wellness in a much more holistic way.

Put this into context of the raging metabolic disease crisis, which affects more than 50% of the global population, counting type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, fatty liver and others as some of the leading killers of our time. These conditions are driven by our own diets and lifestyles, in other words - our behaviours.

It was clear that there was a disconnect between what we valued in terms of our health and wellness, and how we actually behaved.

Fast forward a year, and Vively was born with one mission: to end the behavioural-driven disease crisis around the world by empowering consumers to take action for healthier lifestyles.

Since then, we've launched the first platform in Australia to integrate with Continuous Glucose Monitors and wearables to give consumers real-time data to improve their diet, lifestyle and behaviours - and in the process become one of the fasting growing companies in the country.

We're proud that thousands of Aussies use Vively to achieve their health goals, and feel more empowered and in control of their health.

We knew Vively had to do three things exceptionally well in order to succeed:

Empower consumers to
take action


Empower consumers to take action

Build a community of
people and practitioners


Build a community of people

Leverage the latest
science & technology


Leverage the latest science & technology

Our team is on a mission to rid the world of metabolic disease by empowering consumers to take action for a healthier life

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