Stop Waiting, Start Healing

Get real-time insights on how your diet, exercise, sleep and stress affects your health based on your glucose levels

Stop Waiting, Start Healing
  • Reset your metabolism over 13 weeks to address the underlying cause of PCOS: insulin resistance
  • Get your own team of clinical holistic health practitioners (naturopaths, nutritionists, physios & more)
  • Get ongoing support and guidance from a health coach
  • Feel more in control of your health & life

What's included


What our app unlocks for you

Food Score

Your food is analysed and scored from 0 to 10. Learn how your body responds to food, exercise, sleep, stress & more

Compare & experiment

Compare and experiment with your meals, workouts and sleep to see what variations and tweaks may work better for you

Daily Wellness Score

A daily score to keep track of your overall health and wellbeing, and measure trends over time. Based on your food, habits, stress & more


Tag your meals, snacks, drinks and activities to keep track of the things that work best for you


Run experiments to see what works best for you

We’re all unique. So is our glucose response.

Blood sugar (or blood glucose) is the amount of glucose in the blood at a given time.

What affects this? Your DNA, your microbiome and the context in which you eat –and this is unique for everyone. For example, your body’s reaction to oatmeal can be totally different to someone else’s.

It is normal for your blood sugar to rise after a meal, but if it stays elevated for an extended period of time it’s often an indicator that the body has trouble regulating its sugar metabolism.

Maintaining healthy glucose levels is essential to your health. High blood sugar after eating can cause type 2 diabetes in the long term.


Early Dinner 9

Glucose change: +0.4 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #0

Late Dinner8

Glucose change: -0,6 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #1

6 hours7

Glucose change: +0.1 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #1

8 hours8

Glucose change: +1.2 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #0


Glucose change: +0.8 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #0

No Walk3

Glucose change: +1 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #1

Your Journey

First Sensor: Days 1–14

Get to Know Your Body

Track your foods to evaluate your current diet and lifestyle habits. Reveal what spikes your blood sugar, and understand how meal timing, exercise, and sleep affect you.

Second Sensor: Days 15–29

Amend Where Needed

Start building an optimal diet and habit plan that fit your body's needs. Explore new meals, intermittent fasting or post-meal walks to keep your balance. Get inspired by daily progress.

Third Sensor and beyond: Days 30 onwards

Forever Curious

Sustain a metabolically healthy lifestyle by exploring more nuanced ways how your metabolism functions. Stay accountable with weekly progress reports.

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I've tried so many different supplements, natural health products and diet programs but I never knew what I actually needed. Vively changed that in 48 hours.

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Created by Dr Woolhouse and a team of holistic clinicians

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Dr Michelle Woolhouse is one of Australia's leading integrative GPs with 20+ years experience using the proven therapeutic interventions of lifestyle medicine to improve symptoms such as weight gain, sleep, infertility, skin and hair problems

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