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Holistic, digital therapeutic health plans

  • Get your own team of clinical holistic health practitioners (naturopaths, nutritionists, physios & more)
  • Get answers to your most pressing questions via text anytime, securely & confidentially
  • Learn proven ways to improve your condition with online therapeutic programs led by the latest clinical research
  • Get ongoing support and guidance from a health coach
  • Feel more in control of your health & life

Doctor-led team of holistic practitioners

With a special interest in women's health & chronic conditions

Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Dr Michelle Woolhouse is an integrative GP, with over 20 years experience treating women with chronic conditions through lifestyle medicine

Lara Ryan

Lara Ryan is a clinical naturopath with 25 years experience supporting women’s health with nutritional, herbal and therapeutic lifestyle changes

Penny Dillon

Penny Dillon is a clinical nutritionist and a qualified counsellor, with a special interest in helping women to enhance sleep, energy and wellbeing

Caitlin Simm

Caitlin Simm is a qualified physiotherapist, trained in providing holistic treatment for women with physical health concerns

I've tried so many different supplements, natural health products and diet programs but I never knew what I actually needed. Vively changed that in 48 hours.

Adam Pisk

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Evidence-based lifestyle medicine plans

A medically-led system that helps you take control of your health

1. Meet your team

Tell us a bit about you and we'll introduce you to a multi-disciplinary team focused on your health concern

2. Get your plan

Includes personalised programs and natural therapies, and access to your team at any time via text

3. Own your health

Start getting better and feel in control of your health over 3 - 6 months with continuous support from your team

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Find out which holistic care practitioners are right for your unique symptoms and situation

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Personalised plan

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We create a personalised plan to help you get better over 3 - 6 months, including tailored online programs

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  • If you need them, get a member-only 38% discount on video consultations (only $79 per consult)
  • Daily support - answers from your practitioners at any time via text

We're on a social purpose-driven mission

We believe that people need a better way to take control of their health in a safer and more supported way.

To do this, we're unlocking the powers of lifestyle medicine to improve health outcomes for people with chronic conditions.

We work with the leading integrative doctors and holistic health practitioners to combine digital therapeutic programs with on-demand advice, so that you're always in control of your health.

If you’d like some help to decide if Vively is right for you, or have some questions, feel free to contact our friendly team.


Who can benefit from Vively?

We typically help people with non-life threatening chronic health conditions - such as hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, fatigue, inflammation and stress. We are not urgent or primary care, but we can work alongside your existing health practitioners to help you achieve your health goals.